Checking the temperature in the shop while thermometer testing

Been very busy with the end of financial year and stocktaking.  It’s been very chilly in the shop and I didn’t really need a thermometer to know it was under 10 degrees when we came in.  (Yes, Molly dog is wearing her coat and I’ve my beanie, scarf and gloves on!)  One of the many things I’ve been doing this week was ‘playing with/testing’ and setting up a Aqua Pro digital thermometer/hydrometer.

25th July 2018:  Unfortunately these lovely Aqua Pro units are no longer available and we have been unable to source a similar device for a similar price.

The Aqua Pro digital thermometer/hydrometer is very useful in incubators or as a mini weather station.  Along with the current temperature and humidity it also gives the date  and time, as well as been able to be used as an alarm clock.  As an added bonus you can also set high and low alarm conditions for both temperature and humidity so it let you know when your incubator is not in the range you have set.  For those of us that are use to both Celsius and Fahrenheit it is very simple to change between the two – just one button press.  If you think this could be useful tool for you, it’s on the website. [ no longer on website]Digital Thermometer-Hydro  Keep warm and until next time.  Helen & Molly