All about Foxlights…stories we hear about them

Sold a few more Foxlights this morning… and for once they were actually for sheep 🙂  Naturally enough most of the lights we sell are for around the poultry yard and anecdotally they are working very well.

Sheep with Foxlight

The word about Foxlights must be getting out there as instead of meeting customers the day after they have lost all their chooks to a fox attack (which unfortunately we had quite a number of cases of  last year – 2013) now we are getting customers buying their Foxlights before they buy the chooks.

So what is a Foxlight?  The simple version is a Fox deterrent.  It runs on a large 6V rectangle battery like the dolphin style torches and has 9 LED lights around the top.  No switches, nothing to do – the Victorian sheep farmer who designed it wanted it to be simple – it comes on a sundown, turns off at sun up and totally randomly flashes light around – rather like someone being out there with a flashlight.  I’ve been told that the flashes occur between 5 seconds and 2 minutes apart and that you get anything from 1 LED to all 9 of them at once.  The light appears to come out sidewards (not from the top) so it seems to come from different directions – tricky 🙂  It is made to put onto a star fence picket or hung from wire.

So a great Australian invention that is doing a wonderful job (here & overseas) of protecting your livestock from the vermin fox.  To find them on our website see:  

Foxlight with cm