Feeders for Ducks…

I got a question the other day, that made me think for few seconds.  ‘Have you got feeders for ducks?’  People ask about baby chickens all the time and I know exactly what feeders to show them but ducks need abit more room than chooks and don’t like the ‘guards’ that many of the poultry feeders have to stop the mess and waste.  After a little looking around…and consultation with Jeff (who knows all about the different sorts of birds and all of our stock!) I realized that we do actually have quite a few feeders suitable for ducks.  So if you do have ducks and need a feeder for them, these are some of the feeders you could consider.

10 or 18kg chute feeder.. from Italy.  These come in both chicken (not so high) and chook base and there is room for a ducks bill.

Bulk Chicken Feeder -10 kg                          Bulk Poultry Feeder - 18 kg

The Yellow plastic 7, 9 & 12 kg feeders.  These have plenty of room for ducks (or geese) to feed and they are great value.

Yellow Feeder 7 KgYellow Feeder 9 Kg  Yellow Feeder 12 Kg

If you don’t want the storage, the hanging metal troughs (available in several lengths) are another option.

Novital Trough Metal Feeders

Happy duck feeding, Helen & Molly

Web Link to feeders: https://wapoultryequipment.net.au/product-category/feeders/


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