Incubators: the 162 egg, Digital Auto turn Cova Tutto

I realized the other day that I’ve now written several posts on a poultry equipment blog and haven’t yet mentioned an incubator!  Anyone who has been in the shop quickly realizes that Jeff is the poultry expert and the one with the experience…my incubation experience is limited to the school chickens and one batch Jeff’s dad Chris did here at the shop.  While I grew up on a farm with some chooks.. my mothers hens largely took care of themselves and if they did decide to reproduce, did so in the natural way.  Sometimes we’d find them sitting on eggs and move them into the spare run, sometimes they would re-appear with some chickens and occasionally we’d find some feathers and broken egg shells.

However I have studied hard to learn all I can about incubators and the machine I’m most familiar with is this one, the Cova Tutto 162 egg machine.  I got the job of ‘playing’ with it a few years ago when we first brought the digital Cova Tuttos in from Italy.  It is very easy to set up, and what impressed me most (I’ll confess a slight basis – I like the Cova Tutto incubators) was how it managed to keep constant temperature and humidity in the main part of our shop on a day with a 30% humidity variation and 10 degree temperature change.

Cova162 Auto Digital

Like all the Cova Tutto machines above the 24 egg, the trays are adjustable for any sized egg (one of their best selling points in my opinion!)  so if you want to do quails or geese you don’t need to worry about getting different sized egg trays.  Each tray, there are 3 in the 162 egg machine, has its own auto turn motor – and yes these motors can handle the bigger eggs. As well as digital temperature control, the incubator gives you a reminder beep to top up the water trays.  It is fan forced and has been quite popular for customers wanting to do a larger number of eggs at a time or a regular weekly hatching.

26th July 2018:  We no longer have this incubator in stock.

To find this incubator on our website see this link:

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