Green Based Drinkers… one option of many

Green Based Drinkers in various sizes

I got a question this morning about our Green Base poultry Drinkers – one of the most common drinkers we sell and since I took a few photos of them – including one of the drinker currently in my chickens pen, I thought I would share them.  These very popular drinkers come in a collection of sizes from the chicken sized 600mL to a large 12L.

6L Green Base Drinker 6L Green Base Drinker with chick base.. and chickens

The 600mL & 1.3L  drinkers are most suitable for chickens and other small/young poultry – the dish at the bottom is about half the height of the other bases. As the chickens get larger the 6L drinker comes with a ‘chick’ insert that fits into the bottom dish to decrease the depth making it suitable for the older chickens – see the photo beside.

The big selling points about these drinkers is that they can be filled easily – the 2L and bigger drinkers have a flat top so you can rest it on a flat surface while you are filling it and that they can be hung from the handle. If you are hanging these please note that the drinker should be shoulder height on the smallest bird in the run so that they can drink easily.

6L Green Base Drinker - used
‘Used’ 6L Green base drinker been held by the handle

Close up of 4L Green Base drinker

Please find the link to not only the Green Based Drinkers – which are only one option of many, but all of our collection of drinkers on the website:

Drinkers for poultry and other animals :

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