Ultrasonic Repellers for Rats and Mice

It’s been a bad mouse and rat season…  We still have customers coming in to get traps even now.  I first heard of these little ‘machines’ about 10 years ago and ever since have had one aimed at my pantry,  in that time I’ve never had a mouse or rat in my pantry.  We also have a number of them around the shop too.  No one has ever heard one… we have dogs, a cat, a small child, a wireless computer network, mobiles and the rest at home and it has never effected any of them.

The idea behind the ultrasonics is simple, they make a noise only the rodents can hear and it annoys them so much that they leave, if they are smart enough – like rats or stagger around in a drunken/headachy state if they are less intelligent and get caught in traps – mice.  Neither species likes the noise so once the existing occupants are gone, new vermin aren’t like to move in.

I’m not alone in my like of these devices, many of our customers come back for additional units once they have proved their use to themselves.  We currently carry two versions of the ultrasonic rodent repellers – the simple black box unit I have on my fridge – this covers about 40 m2.

To find it on the website: https://wapoultryequipment.net.au/product/rodent-repellers-ultrasonic/

Note: (1st Aug 2018) As of this year, the larger unit has been unavailable

And a larger, weatherproof unit as pictured below, that does 350m2.  This larger version has additional features – the frequency of the sound can be changed and is used by people wanting to keep possums out of their ceilings, or birds off their car mirrors – my father-in-law uses one for this purpose – the bird setting doesn’t affect his ‘older’ ears at all but I can hear it when I go to visit (and the first thing I do is turn it off!).  The unit also has a motion detector which can be useful for the larger animals such as possums.


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