Big Chook Feeders

With the long weekend coming up we’ve had the usual enquires about the bigger chook feeders. Since a ‘large’ feeder will depend upon the number of fowls you are feeding (ie if you’ve only a couple of hens a 1 or 2kg feeder could be considered ‘large’ since it will provide several days feeding) for the purposes of this article I’ll look at the 8kg and bigger feeders we stock for poultry.

I was very surprised to learn, when I started here about 6 years ago, that the average laying hen will consume around 200g of food & 200mL of water (without other food, most of our customers hens also receive scraps and such so won’t actually eat that amount of layer pellets). But when you think about it, laying eggs is hard work and consumes a lot of energy, not to mention vitamins and minerals. We’ve had a number of customers comment on the very big appetites of the their rather small Isa Brown hens – who produce very big eggs, given their small body size/weight. So in order to enjoy the long weekend away without worrying about the chook food which feeders would we recommend?

The five hens (& Bruce) here at the shop have the 10kg Metal feeder in their house. This enables me not to stress about their food requirements over weekends & longer breaks (since we don’t live on the property). Fortunately my in-laws do tend to keep abit of an eye on them for the longer breaks & ‘steal’ the eggs 🙂 But I know that they have plenty of food and an automatic waterer. There is also a larger 20kg version of this feeder.

10 Kg Metal feeder with feed saver rim    20 kg Metal feeder with China Hat

The largest feeder we sell is the red ‘Range feeder’ from the US. This UV stabilised plastic feeder, comes with a weather shield and feeder saver grid to stop the chooks from flicking out the food. Customers tell us it is very nice to be able empty an entire 20kg bag of food into this feeder.

Kuhl 23kg Feeder

And then there are a number of plastic feeders – these do need to be out of sunlight:

  • The cute Italy orange chute feeders in 10 or 18 kg sizes, these can be purchased with either poultry (7.5cm) or chicken ( 4 cm)  high bases

Bulk Chicken Feeder -10 kg   Bulk Poultry Feeder - 18 kg

  • The Italians also make the yellow plastic feeders (this feeder in the 1.5kg size is our most popular chicken feeder) in a 15kg size

Novital 15 kg Yellow Feeder


  • And lastly we do carry the ‘standard’ green base feeder in an 8kg version (along with the other smaller sizes:)

For the full range of chook and other poultry feeders we stock please see: