The School Chickens Turn One year old…


3 Chooks at 1 yr oldOn Saturday the 15th of Nov 2014… Sat  just been, the school chickens… who are now beautiful chooks – turned one year old.  I have put together a photo collection of their existence – which I took in to school for the children, so they can see how much they have grown.  Along with the photo collection I took in morning tea – of the chooks favourite foods.  I had the platters in an esky and got a few weird looks when I said we were going to the share the chooks favourite treats.  I suspect more than one person was worried we were having layer pellets.  I actually took watermelon and strawberries, which I’m sure that many chooks enjoy greatly.  Even the old black hens will peck the watermelon rind clean.

Bruce the rooster, whom we suspect was ‘Fairy Princess’ in the classroom, Dark Specks (probably the one named Bruce as a chicken by the children 🙂 who is back to laying beautiful brown eggs after her attempt at brooding and Speckles – who is now off in her nest  but I have no idea at all if she actually hatched anything as I never found any evidence of a live or dead chicken, are customer favourites at the shop.  Bruce in particular is a real ‘show pony’ who lets us know when someone arrives and does his wing flapping dance to show off his lovely feathers when I take anyone to talk to him.

Bruce drying his wings

Photo collection of the school chickens: Chooks 1st BD