Mouse traps – the ‘see-saw’ style live catch trap…

Even with the event of wet weather, it appears that WA still has a big mouse problem – rodent traps are very popular. One of the advantages of a multi catch, live catch trap is that the caught rodent makes a noises and their ‘friends’ come to join the party. I watched this work at my parents farm over Easter – at breakfast time we had one mouse squeaking in the trap, by morning tea there were 3 of them, I left at 11:30am when 4 were eating the peanut butter and when Dad emptied it mid -afternoon the trap held 7 mice.

Mouse Trap - Repeater


The ‘see-saw’ style mouse traps, are sturdy and it is easy to see what you have caught (esp if you are looking for marsupial rodents before disposing of the vermin.) They can also be used as a ‘bait station’ – by putting the poison inside the trap, you don’t have the problem of the rodent running off to die in the most awkward corner of the roof, or in the wall. Nor do you run the risk of secondary poisoning as the deceased mouse is contained where other animals can not get to it.

We sell two sorts of these – one with a single entrance and a double ended ‘repeater’ version. Both are for sale on the website:

25th July 2018:  All the mouse and rat traps can be found here:

New Retail Catalogue just done.

I’ve just up loaded a new updated version of our retail catalogue to the website and feel totally exhausted…  It is a fiddly job that involves many fights with the computer and programs.  I am sure at times the publishing program hates me 🙂

Every few months I go through the list of changes that need to be done – additional products, price changes or photos that need to be updated.  I try to keep a list on my desk:  every time I find a change that needs to be done I write it down and then tick off when it has been done in the retail or wholesale catalogue or on the website.  Keeping all three up to date is ‘interesting’  job.  We still have a number of customers who can not or choose not to use the on-line website, so having a relatively up to date paper catalogue is helpful.  Many customers, like my parents down south, have no or limited web access.  My mother claims that her satellite dish (for web access) works best on a clear evening – no cloud cover- at around 2am!  This is not helpful when it comes to trying to do on-line shopping, especially when it decides to crash just as you are checking out and then loses all your shopping cart!

So if you would like to see/save/print the retail catalogue PDF file, it is here on the website – under the Downloads section (which also contains many of our products instruction manuals and other useful stuff).

As of 2018 the retail catalogue is here:

If you need a copy, just let us know – ring or email and I can send you a copy either as an attachment or by ‘snail mail’. For local call charge telephone 1300 88 1170 (Australia only)  Tel: 08 – 9524 1251  or email

25th July 2018: 4 yrs later and I’m still updating our retail catalogue and we still get requests to post them out.  If you would like one, please just give us call!

Catalogue front page

Making Pasta -using our Pasta Machine

What does making pasta have to do with a Poultry Equipment and Trap shop you ask?  Well we actually have a amazing array of interesting items, I refer to the shop as ‘abit of an Aladdin’s cave’  and one of my favourite sections is our kitchenware items – which I’d love to extend.  We sell pasta machines, mincers (and sausage funnels), food dehydrators and even ‘apple’  peeler/corer/slicers – much loved by my nieces. On the weekend  I made my gluten free lasagna. I love making pasta, and since having to go gluten free over a year ago have been struggling with fresh pasta.. but finally I think I’ve got it.  I loosely based my dough on this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring – see recipe here  Cheating by using whole eggs – yes laid by our own beautiful speckled hens and made up the 3 cups of flour by using 1 cup of buckwheat, 1 cup of arrowroot and 1 cup of macro plain gluten free flour.  I mixed it up in my Kenwood with the dough hook – so much easier than kneading by hand, esp with my arthritic hands, and left it to rest in the fridge. A few hours later and quick kneed with a buckwheat/arrowroot flour mix, I rolled it through my new (only ever used for gluten free dough’s) pasta machine – yes the same one we sell in the shop 🙂  I did use a thicker – around 6, thickness setting but the dough held up really well.  We won’t talk about my first gluten free pasta dough attempts but they did fall to pieces and didn’t roll 🙁

Pasta Machine in Action        Pasta on bench

I did make lasagna but couldn’t resist cooking up a few left over pieces of pasta for a quick lunch – just lemon juice, freshly cracked black pepper and sprinkle of parmesan cheese – yum.

Cooked pasta                            Homemade Lasagna

So that’s the results and if you would like the pasta machine that rolled it, here is a link to our on-line shopping cart.

25th July 2018:  The kitchen equipment is here now